Radka Hanečková


biology student, graphic artist and DIYbio enthusiast

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I believe in the philosophy of open source and open access - not just in relation with computer software, but also regarding scientific knowledge and indeed human knowledge in general.

I am a co-founder and active member of the first Czech hackerspace Brmlab - an open platform for people to share knowledge and skills and to collaborate on a great variety of projects related to citizen science, technology, security and multimedia. We hold regular lec- tures and other public events - our members build robots, 3D print- ers and quadcopters and experiment with everything from brain activity monitoring to radio communication. I’m involved in the Live Wire Go Board, Tesla coil, LEDbar, and BrmRat projects.

I’m a supporter of DIYbio - an international movement that aims to make modern biology an accessible pursuit for citizen scientists, amateur biologists and bioengineers.

At Brmlab, I maintain the Biolab section dedicated to DIYbio activi- ties. In 2011, we established cooperation with the Laboratory of Neurophysiology of Memory at the Czech Academy of Sciences, rebuilding a conditioning chamber for cognitive experiments on rats.


Biolab has fostered a variety of projects, including DNA and chloro- phyll extration methods, fungus growth media developement, custom digitally controlled microscope and a centrifuge built using a computer hard drive.

In 2012, I was invited to present some of our projects at the FBI DIYbio outreach workshop in Walnut Creek, California. In October 2012, I held a lecture on bioelectricity and the circuit design of the electric eel that was voted best lecture at the Brmlab Lightning Talks. If you speak Czech and enjoy inventive metaphors describing cell membrane potentials, you can find the video here.

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