Radka Hanečková

biology student, graphic artist and DIYbio enthusiast

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I've sketched, doodled and painted my childhood away, but after I acquired an education in graphic design in Vienna, gradual reali­zation dawned that it was not my calling. I wanted to be a genetic engineer. Now I have a masters degree in molecular biology and genetics from the Charles university in Prague and am currently doing my PhD at the Max Planck institute in Dresden. Inbetween all that I played Go, drew a webcomic about it, and co-founded the first Czech hackerspace in Prague – where I still dabble in high vol­tage, electronics and DIYbio. Apart from good movie villains, books, and tea, I never stopped enjoying my childhood passion – drawing.

You can reach me via email at chidori[at]emptytriangle[dot]com, on IRC at freenode as chido (#brmlab) and on the KGS go server in the emptytriangle.com room as chid0ri.