Radka Hanečková


biology student, graphic artist and DIYbio enthusiast

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I believe in the philosophy of open source and open access - not just in relation with computer software, but also regarding scientific knowledge and indeed human knowledge in general.

I am a co-founder and active member of the first Czech hackerspace Brmlab - an open platform for people to share knowledge and skills and to collaborate on a great variety of projects related to citizen science, technology, security and multimedia. We hold regular lec- tures and other public events - our members build robots, 3D print- ers and quadcopters and experiment with everything from brain activity monitoring to radio communication. I’m involved in the Live Wire Go Board, Tesla coil, LEDbar, and BrmRat projects.

I’m a supporter of DIYbio - an international movement that aims to make modern biology an accessible pursuit for citizen scientists, amateur biologists and bioengineers.

At Brmlab, I maintain the Biolab section dedicated to DIYbio activi- ties. In 2011, we cooperated with the Laboratory of Neurophysio­logy of Memory at the Czech Academy of Sciences, rebuilding a conditioning chamber for cognitive experiments on rats.


Biolab has fostered a variety of projects, including DNA and chloro- phyll extration methods, fungus growth media developement, custom digitally controlled microscope and a centrifuge built using a computer hard drive.

In 2012, I was invited to present some of our projects at the FBI DIYbio outreach workshop in Walnut Creek, California.

A pet project close to my heart is our audiomodulated double-resonant solid state tesla coil, which goes by the name of Parsley. I have been working on building her since 2013. We attended several Teslathons with her, as well as the Psy-High festival 2017. Parsley has been featured on the Czech Radio programme Leonardo as well as a Czech TV documentary, Kmeny. If you are interested in seeing her live, or have her play music at your event, contact me!

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